What is Uplifters?

An ongoing group that is designed for those who have experienced a broken relationship   caused by divorce, death of a spouse, or breaking of a long-term dating relationship. Time is spent in fellowship, teaching and small group discussion. The objective of the group is to take brokenness and turn it into healing.


       The purpose of Uplifters is to help people adjust to the critical loss of a partner which is sometimes sudden and unexpected and sometimes at the end of a long and painful process.


      There are three phases to dealing with critical losses:

  • Coping with the situation and hold one's life together in the midst of crises. To get through this acute and difficult time we need reliable and effective coping skills.

  • Grieving, satisfy the need to express pain, let go of past realities and the old vision of your future and normalize the change in your life.

  • Choosing between baseline or personal growth. Baseline is our skill level prior to the crises and growth is the improvement our level of skills. Going on, restructuring your life and your future, and, in hope, taking your first steps toward it.

    Our main source of power to adapt to crises is found in the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. And judging from the Bible, God seems to multiply that power in the context of social gatherings of all sizes, including small groups.

    Uplifters is a small group ministry based on the increased power in the small group experience. Heroes take dramatic individual action and make a big impact in the world. The rest of us usually find help and great results through collaboration with others. Many have found comfort and support in coping, grieving and restructuring their lives in groups with a purpose like Uplifters."